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  • The Columbia River - "A Photographic Journey"
    "Lewis & Clark and the Columbia River - 200 Years Later" ... Over 8,000 images along the Columbia River following the path of Lewis and Clark, from the mouth of the Yakima River and Bateman Island, to Cape Disappointment and the Pacific Ocean, including history, explorers, "Penny Postcards", and images of today.

  • The Barlow Road - "A Photographic Search"
    Images taken and information gathered while searching out the historic Barlow Road.

  • The Columbia River Highway - "A Photographic Trip"
    Follow the old Historic Columbia River Highway from Troutdale to The Dalles.

  • Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge - "A Photographic Journal"
    Birds, birds, and more birds, plus some flowers, coyotes, and scenics. This "Journal" includes images from the Refuge, with some birds grouped in their own pages, and others still arranged in "trip logs" with the photos of each day grouped together.

  • Birds - "A Photographic Lifelist"
    This site is my photographic birding "lifelist", now housed under its own domain "".

  • Wildflowers and Weed Blossoms
    "Wildflowers and Weed Blossoms" contains images of various wildflowers, weed, tree, and shrub blossoms found along the Columbia River corridor, including such places as Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge and Lacamas Lake, Washington, and Crown Point, Bridal Veil, and Oneonta, Oregon.

  • Butterflies and Moths
    "Butterflies and Moths" contains images of butterflies, caterpillars, and moths, mostly found in Washington and Oregon.

  • Moons, Planets, and Stars
    "Moons, Planets, and Stars" is a collection of "celestial" objects I've photographed over the years, including our Moon, Jupiter's moons and the rings of Saturn, and various scenics involving the sky.

  • Solar Eclipse, August 21, 2017
    Camping trip to Albany, Oregon.

  • Pointer History and Historical Pedigrees
    "500 years of Pointer History and Trivia" and "Historical Pointer Pedigrees" with Pointer history going back to the 1500s and over 1,000 online pedigrees along with images and quotes from early publications.

  • Our Pointers and Vizslas and Family Life
    "" ... our dogs, our family, the Chinook and Dolphin, some artwork, volcanoes we've seen, Gene's fishing, Christmas cards, Pointer and Vizsla observations, and many other things.

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